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Dato' Seri Dr.Edward an Expert in MLM and Network Marketing, is CEO of E-Semangat Helang Sdn Bhd . He is a successful entrepreneur who has spent the last 30 years in the sales and Direct marketing field, and has been blessed to help multitudes of others break numerous records in performance by training people on how to "Maximize their Human Success

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
Why isn't my downline doing more? (Is it because your upline hasn't trained you properly?)
How can I motivate my team to work harder? (Is it due to your team not having a duplicatable easy-to-follow system?)
Why won't my business grow faster? (Is it because you've been left in the dark when it comes to building a residual income?)
How do people sign up the perfect distributors? (Is it because they know something you were never told?)
Why can't my downline sell anything? (Could it be the complete lack of any retail training whatsoever?)
Why haven't I signed up anyone in months? (Is it due to a total lack of personal upline support and help?)
Why don't I totally understand the compensation plan? (Is it based on improper training at the very start?)
Why doesn't my downline duplicate what I do? (Is it because you were never taught the art of duplication?)
Why do I feel like I'm spinning my wheels? (Could it be because you haven't been taught anything new lately?)
Why is my paycheck dropping each month? (Is it because your upline has forgotten about you, or is 'too busy' for you?)

Get all the answers to these questions and thousands more with this ridiculously simple system designed for ANY network marketing company, and ALL types of network marketers!
Here are some of the topics we discuss:
Network Marketing 1.01 - Step-by-step principles & goal setting exercises around creating large sums of income in your business!
Getting a Fast Start to Success - Have your new team members making money and advancing pin levels right away!
No More "Spinning my Wheels" Syndrome - Learn cutting edge advancements in presenting, follow-up and closing to increase your paycheck immediately and kick your business into overdrive!
How to Give an Effective Presentation - 7 simple steps to break your business down into topics and ideas that will have people lining up to sign up!
Building Continuous Retail Profits - Step-by-step instructions on how to build thousands of dollars in retailing your companies products and services!
Follow Up with Confidence - Rebuttals, strategies, tactics, and the best closing line I've ever heard to make you a sponsoring machine!
Revive Your Dead Downline - Get them motivated with simple-easy to follow steps of motivation, and income generation!
The Lost Art of Sponsorship - Find out what the millionaires in network marketing do to build tremendous downlines and life-long incomes!
Call Scripts that Work - The most cutting edge language used by today's top leaders. Prospects will want to hear what you have to offer!
Conquering the Fear of Calling - Simple, duplicatable ways to eliminate call reluctance forever!
Create Infectious Enthusiasm - Easy-to-follow steps to have new distributors making money faster, and building your business without you!
Creating Profitable Meetings - Uncover lost secrets on giving any type of professional meeting. Everything from conference calls to 1-on-1 presentations to huge hotel functions!
Identifying Critical Business Beliefs - Understand the 4 key belief systems to turn your downline into duplicatable successes!
Developing Dynamic Leaders - Discover proven methods to turn ANY distributor into moneymaking career professionals gushing with confidence and determination!
Turn any customer into a distributor - This 3 step process will turn any new or existing customer into a profitable downline member in less then a month!
Making the System work for you - Step-by-step instructions on how to teach and mentor this system throughout your downline, creating powerful distributors throughout your entire network marketing business!

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